Chronic pain
​      Our immune system is designed to combat disease and restore health. With every pain, injury, or foriegn invader, our brain tells our body to begin the inflammatory process and stimulate healing.  In healthy conditions, this process is very successful!

     However,  Over the last decade, there has been a monumental increase  in environmental toxins & chemicals, GMO's, pecticides, medications, antibiotics, and inflammatory foods. As a result, our cells are constantly being bombarded by environmental stressors. Over time, this overload disrupts normal cellular function, depleting the vital energy in our cells. 


Add injury to the mix, and your cells can not keep up with the demand. So you end up in a constant state of chronic pain and inflammation.
​      PEMF uses pulsed magnetic waves to re-energize these cells that are "stuck" in a pattern of chronic pain and inflammation. This energy enables the cells to expel cellular toxins and make space for nutrients and oxygen required for optimal function and natural healing.
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