Safe & Natural Pain Relief

Treating back pain stemming from sciatica, disc issues, stenosis, arthritis, and soft tissue injuries.

Back Pain

Treating neck and shoulder pain stemming from artritis, disc issues, rotator cuff, labrum, and soft tissue injuries.

Neck & shoulder pain

Treating knee pain stemming from artritis, meniscus issues, surgical repair, sports injuries, and overuse injuries.

Knee Pain

Because pain is a non-negotiable






"After my 2nd treatment of PEMF, my knee pain vanished completely! For the  1st time in 8 years, I can run up and down the stairs."


"After 2 years of pain in my calf with a noticable limp, I was able to return to my active lifestyle with ZERO pain, increased strength, and no limp."


 "I have been dealing with neck pain on one side for several months, the cause of which was undiagnosed. , I  also had limited movement on my neck's left side. The positive effects of  PEMF were evident after the first treatment! I was able to sleep through the night without discomfort for the first time in months. Following subsequent treatment sessions , pain was gone and my range of motion restored.  I have been very happy with the results. I know that this therapy jump-started my healing. " Thank you Shari!"

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